SMB Academic Year Mentoring Program

Program starts Autumn 2019

The SMB Academic Year Program is open to all members, regardless of career stage.  The purpose of the program is to encourage academic success on a variety of fronts:

  1. Small groups
    1. Writing groups – a group of 4 people who exchange writing samples and meet on a regular basis to provide constructive criticism
    2. Accountability groups – a group of 4 people who meet regularly for goal-setting and mutual accountability 
    3. Mentoring pods – a group of ~5 people at different career stages who meet regularly for Q&A and mentoring regarding typical challenges on the career path
  2. Pair matching
    1. Mentor-mentee matches – A pairing of a junior scholar and a senior scholar who meet regularly for academic advice
    2. Peer matching – A pairing of two ‘buddies’ at the same career stage to meet regularly for academic accountability and support
  3. Online webinars with Q&A on academic trainings for mathematical biologists (How to write a paper, How to choose a journal, How to respond to manuscript reviews, How to collaborate with a biologist, etc.)

Spots are limited! First come, first served.

To sign up, go to

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