John Jungck Prize for Excellence in Education

John R. Jungck was the founder of the Society for Mathematical Biology Education Committee/Sub-Group. He is well-known for his contributions to mathematical and theoretical biology education, and promoting interdisciplinary work at the interface between science, technology, and the humanities.

The John Jungck Prize for Excellence in Education is given for significant contributions to education in mathematical biology, including a distinguished record of excellence in classroom instruction, mentorship of research scientists at any level, development of novel educational methods, materials, or programs, promotion of scientific outreach efforts to the public or to youth, a track record of attracting new students to the field of mathematical biology, or creation of an environment exceptionally conducive to education in mathematical biology.

The Jungck Prize consists of a cash prize of $500 and a certificate given to the recipient. The winner is expected to give a talk at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology.

Recipients of the John Jungck Prize
2017 – James Keener, University of Utah

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