The Society for mathematical Biology Committees are essential to the implementation of the Society’s stated purpose to encourage development and dissemination of knowledge at the interface between the mathematical and biological sciences. The Society has five committees: membership, publications, awards, nominating and finance.

Society members wishing to be more involved in Society committees are encouraged to submit their name to the Society President and Secretary.

Membership Committee
This committee assess changes in membership of the Society and, based on those assessments, develop plans to recruit new members and to retain existing members by being responsive to the member needs. It will also run mentorship and professional development programs.

Chair: Judy Day
Members at large: Caroline Bampfylde (Mentorship Program), Nick Cogan (Landahl travel grants)

Publications Committee
This committee is responsible for the management of the [publications] of the Society and negotiating contracts. It also appoints publication boards for the Society’s publications subject to the Board approval.

Chair: Santiago Schnell
Members at large: Amber Smith (Social Media Program)
Editors-in-chief of Bulletin of Mathematical Biology: Allan Hastings, Reinhard C. Laubenbacher
Editor-in-chief of SMB Digest: Richard Schugart
Editor-in-chief of SMB Newsletter: Jennifer Flegg and Stacey Finley

Awards Committee
The awards committee administers the Society awards, and select the award winners.

Chair: Denise Kirschner
Members at large: Santiago Schnell (Immediate Past-President), Jane Heffernan (Board of Directors), Karen Page (2016-2019), and Joshua Plotkin (2017-2020)

Nominating Committee
This committee prepares a list of nominees for the Board of Directors and president-elect when necessary, determine the willingness of the candidate to run, and report its list of the Board of Directors for approval. In addition, the nomination committee should seek for volunteers willing to serve as Secretary, Treasurer and on the society committees.

Chair: Ruth Baker
Members at large: Heiko Enderling, Mary Ann Horn, and Janet Best.

Finance Committee
This committee receives the total coordinated budget proposals annually from the Treasurer and recommend the annual budgets, reserve funds and investments of the Society.

Chair: Santiago Schnell
Members at large: Denise Kirschner (President-elect). Lisette de Pillis (Treasurer)

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