Updates – ECMTB/SMB 2016 Pre-conference Workshop, July 10, UK

Markus Owen

Please join us before the start of the scientific meeting for a variety of presentations and discussions around careers in mathematical biology. The workshop has four main components:


1. For graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, there will be a session led by Robert Smith? and Christina Cobbold about strategies for the academic job market.


2. This will be followed by a career panel with professionals from industry and academia to discuss alternative career paths. The panel will be moderated by early career scientists Linus Schumacher (post-doctoral fellow) and Alexandra Hogan (graduate student).


3. The last formal part of the workshop will be a session for researchers at all career levels about the philosophical and administrative challenges of multidisciplinary appointments. The interactive panel discussion will be lead by Christina Cobbold, Adriana Dawes, Elissa Schwartz and Rebecca Tyson, who either currently have joint appointments, or who have served in an administrative capacity on joint appointments. This will be followed by an open discussion for people to discuss some of the potential obstacles and solutions for scientists who wish to substantively bridge more than one academic discipline.


4. The workshop will conclude with dinner and in-formal discussions and networking. Questions regarding this Pre-conference Workshop should be sent to Adriana T. Dawes.

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please see ecmtb2016.org/FAQ or send an email to our dedicated address: ecmtb2016@nottingham.ac.uk.  Please visit the website: www.ecmtb2016.org for more details.

Local Organizers: Markus Owen (Chair), Daniele Avitabile, Leah Band, Bindi Brook, Stephen Coombes, Etienne Farcot, John King, Reuben O’Dea, Rudiger Thul, Jonathan Wattis.

Scientific Committee: Linda Allen, Ellen Baake, Jim Cushing, Andreas Deutsch, Odo Diekmann, Susanne Ditlevsen, Stephen Eglen, Amina Eladdadi, Yoh Iwasa, Eva Kisdi, Santiago Schnell, Artie Sherman, Jonathan Sherratt

Markus Owen,

on behalf of the Organizing Committee

E-mail: Markus.Owen@nottingham.ac.uk


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