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The Top Ten Cited Articles in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology since 1999

  • Smolen P, Baxter DA, Byrne JH, Modeling transciptional control in gene networks -- Methods, recent results, and future directions, 62(2): 247-292 (2000)

  • Araujo RP, McElwain DLS, A history of the study of solid tumour growth: The contribution of mathematical modelling, 66(5): 1039-1091 (2004)

  • De Jong H, Gouze JL, Hernandez C, Page M, Sari T, Geiselmann J, Qualitative simulation of genetic regulatory networks using piecewise-linear models, 66(2): 301-340 (2004)

  • Orssengo GJ, Pye DC, Determination of the true intraocular pressure and modulus of elasticity of the human cornea in vivo, 61(3): 551-572 (1999)

  • Levine HA, Pamuk S, Sleeman BD, Nilsen-Hamilton M, Mathematical modeling of capillary formation and development in tumor angiogenesis: Penetration into the stroma, 63(5): 801-863 (2001)

  • McDougall SR, Anderson ARA, Chaplain MAJ, Sherratt JA, Mathematical modelling of flow through vascular networks: Implications for tumour-induced angiogenesis and chemotherapy strategies, 64(4): 673-702 (2002)

  • Jost C, Arino O, Arditi R, About deterministic extinction in ratio-dependent predator-prey models, 61(1): 19-32 (1999)

  • Taylor C, Fudenberg D, Sasaki A, Nowak MA, Evolutionary game dynamics in finite populations, 66(6): 1621-1644 (2004)

  • Edwards AM, Brindley, J, Zooplankton mortality and the dynamical behaviour of plankton population models, 61(2): 303-339 (1999)

  • Loladze I, Kuang Y, Elser JJ, Stoichiometry in producer-grazer systems: Linking energy flow with element cycling, 62(6): 1137-1162 (2000)

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