A New Institute in Mathematical Biosciences

Ohio State University

The National Science Foundation, Division of Mathematical Sciences, has recently announced an award of $10 million to the new Mathematical Biosciences Institute, which is located at the Ohio State University. For more details visit our web site.

The program for September 2002 - August 2003 is mathematical biosciences. Below is a list of tutorials and workshops:

Tutorial on Neural Dynamics (September 2nd - 13th)
         Workshop 1 - Neuronal Dynamics (October 7th - 18th)
         Organizers: Bard Ermentrout, David Terman

         Workshop 2 - System Level Modeling (November 18th - 22nd)
         Organizers: John Rinzel, Barry Horwitz

Tutorial on Neural Coding (January 9th - 14th)
         Workshop 3 - Neural Coding (February 10th - 14th)
         Organizers: John Miller, Emery Brown

Period of Concentration (February 17th – 28th):
         Functional Analysis of Nervous Systems: from tasks to implementation

Tutorial on Olfaction, Auditory and Sensory-Motor System (One week in March)
         Workshop 4 - Olfaction (April 3rd - 5th)
         Organizers: Bard Ermentrout, Alan Gelperin

         Workshop 5 - Auditory (May 5 - 9)
         Organizers: Catherine Carr, John Rinzel

         Workshop 6 - Sensory-Motor System (June 9-13)
         Organizers: David Terman, Charles Wilson