First Announcement

School on Population Dynamics

Będlewo, Poland, June 17-21, 2002.

The school is organized by the Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Mathematics, University of Silesia within the EU Programme Centre of Excellence coordinated by the Stefan Banach International Mathematical Centre through the Package "Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Cellular Populations".

The meeting will focus on mathematical theory and methods applied to study populations of entities, including cells, genes, and biomolecules. There are five main topics

Each topic will be covered in four to five 45-minute lectures. The mathematics behind these topics is mainly devoted to qualitative and quantitative behaviour in ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, delay-differential equations, integro-differential and integral equations, dynamical systems, control theory, as well as stochastic processes.


In addition to the courses, there will be a series of one-hour lectures given by members of the scientific committee and communications by participants (15 min). The target audience is mainly composed of advanced graduate students and Ph.D. students. Applications are also encouraged from researchers who may wish to explore a different field or take part in interdisciplinary studies.

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Institute of Mathematics
Polish Academy of Sciences
"Population Dynamics"
Bankowa 14/343
40-007 Katowice, Poland

Early applications are encouraged, especially concerning talks or financial support.

Compile and return the Application Form directly from the school's web page