Call for Papers in Bioinformatics and Computational Molecular Biology

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics:
A New AACR Journal Launching Fall 2001

The American Association for Cancer Research is proud to announce the launch of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, a new forum for the publication of basic research with implications for cancer therapeutics.

The primary objective of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics will be to publish studies that address the relationships between molecular structures, biological activities, and the mechanisms of action of pharmacological agents in the general area of cancer. In meeting this objective the journal will embrace the emerging disciplines- referred to variously as cancer genomics, pharmacogenetics, or pharmacogenomics- in which modern genome technologies are applied to the study of cancer.

In the process of developing the scope of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics over the last several months, it has become obvious that the promise offered by the application of genome technologies to the study of cancer is accompanied by an ever-growing challenge - evaluating the flood of data generated by cutting-edge technologies intended to answer questions regarding gene and protein structure, gene expression, and the like. The Editors have decided to address this challenge by adding an entirely new section to MCT that focuses on the application of computational techniques to questions in cancer research and are actively encouraging submissions to the journal in this area.

MCT will consider manuscripts in the following broad subject areas (for detailed descriptions of the scope of each category, see "Manuscript Categories"):

Currently, there is no high-quality cancer journal that publishes studies in all of these dynamic areas of research. By establishing Molecular Cancer Therapeutics as the primary forum for these cancer-related studies, the AACR will be able to lead and shape these exciting areas of research, create synergies of thinking about these areas across a diverse readership, and maximize the impact of these disciplines on the conquest of cancer.

For more information, please contact Andy Baxevanis, Senior Editor, or visit the MCT Web site.