Math Awareness Month, 2002 Theme: "Math and the Genome"

Dan Burns, University of Michigan

April 2002, is the annual Math Awareness Month this year. It is sponsored by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics (AMS/MAA/SIAM) as a sequence of public awareness events mainly directed at young people (undergraduate science majors, e.g.) and the general public to inform them about ways in which mathematics and its uses can be important. This year's theme is "Math and the Genome". There is a web page, which gives more information:

Link from there to other features. In particular, you might consider adding a link to your web page, or to any page where science undergraduates or the general public might be likely to see it. The link icon is available at

Consider organizing a local observance to turn young people on to the excitement of this rapidly emerging scientific area! You can check the website for what others will do as this develops. Help others and make a note on the activities bulletin board of anything which you plan to do. For questions and additional suggestions, write to Annette Emerson ( or the members of this year's advisory committee, who can be e-mailed via: