September, 2001
Dear SMB members,
At the Hilo annual meeting, Alan Hasting passed the torch on to me, and I am happy to serve you as President for the next two years. Thanks are due to Alan for his service as President, and for the smooth sailing in the last few years.

These are exciting times for mathematical biology, which remains very much a `growth area', especially if one includes the exciting new developments in genomics and computational biology. It is my hope that we can work to position the Society as a key player in the growth of mathematical biology, while still serving the needs and interests of our current members.

Thanks to Alex Mogilner for organizing a very successful annual meeting and International Conference on Mathematics in Biology at Hilo, Hawaii. This meeting was joint with the Japanese Association for Mathematical Biology. Over 200 people attended the meeting and there were about 100 poster presentations. The level of energy and excitement in our field of research shone at the meeting. A student's perspective of the meeting (authors Eric Cytrynbaum and Brad Peercy) is included in this newsletter.

I am pleased to announce that the 2002 SMB Annual Meeting will be at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) from 13-16 July. The theme of the meeting is "Interdisciplinary Connections and Living Systems", and it will be under the organization of Lou Gross and other faculty from Tennessee. It will be preceded by a short course on the mathematics of biological complexity, designed for biologists. The Board hopes to soon have decided upon locations for subsequent years (2003 and 2004).

After many years of superb service to the Bulletin, Lee Segel is stepping down as Editor of the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, which is owned by the Society. We are sad to see him leave the journal, which he built up and strengthened over time. I would like to thank him on behalf of all members of the Society. The Board of Directors and Committee to find a new Editor have unanimously recommended Philip Maini (Oxford) to be the new Bulletin Editor. Philip brings a wealth of experience and ability to this position and we feel he will do an outstanding job. Although we are awaiting final agreement from the publisher (Harcourt), we expect Philip to serve as the new Editor for a five-year term, starting January 2002. For more details, including the new submission address for papers, please check our web page as the information is added.

This newsletter contains information regarding upcoming elections. Sharon Lubkin has included a call for nominations for members of the Board of Directors and the President. I urge you to consider the nomination process seriously and to think of nominating yourself or a colleague.

Organizations often `outgrow' their bylaws. In the case of the Society, terms on the Board of Directors have evolved to four years, from the three-year term specified in the bylaws. Four-year terms allow elections to synchronize with the Presidential Elections (every two years), thus simplifying the election process. The next election ballot will include a portion where members can vote on updating the bylaws.

My best wishes for a happy and productive fall. Be sure to mark your calendars now for Tennessee 2002. If you have suggestions or questions regarding the Society, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Mark Lewis