Meetings in Immunology

by Ramit Mehr

Members of the SMB apply their mathematical and computational skills in many areas of biology. For many of us, attendance of meetings of experimental biologists in our respective fields is highly informative, and in my opinion students and young researchers in mathematical and computational biology should be encouraged to attend such meetings. I would like to ask SMB members who are involved with various areas of biology to supply - for the benefit of all members - information about regular meetings in their respective areas of research, as this information is not covered by our lists of "theoretical" meetings. As an example, here is a list of regular meetings in immunology, which I find very helpful.

Congresses: these tend to be large (thousands of participants) and cover many topics; the choice is sometimes overwhelming. However, if one focuses on the topics most relevant to one's research, these meetings may be very useful as much knowledge is accessible in a very concentrated form. In immunology, these include:

Once you go to a key meeting in your field, you'll find that in that meeting, the other meetings are advertised and it's easy to stay informed. Safe travel to everyone!