Additional Guidelines for Okubo Prize

by Mark A. Lewis

The Okubo Prize in mathematical biology honors outstanding researchers with a prize in memory of the math biology pioneer Akira Okubo. To facilitate the smooth administration of the prize, the SMB and Japanese Association for Mathematical Biology have agreed to the following guidelines for the Akira Okubo Prize. These are in addition to the existing rules governing the Akira Okubo Prize which are listed on the SMB web page:

  1. The Okubo Prize winner is expected to give a talk to both the SMB and JAMB, with the Societies covering the respective costs. In the event of a joint talk to the Societies, the cost should be split between SMB and JAMB.
  2. Because there will be one individual in each of the JAMB and SMB parts of the Okubo Prize Committee that serve in both a current and previous Award process. This leads to continuity in the award process. These individuals, should be sure to inform the Secretary General of the JAMB or President of the SMB when it is time to specify the Chair of the Okubo Prize Committee and start the nomination process.
  3. Once the recommendation for the Prize winner has been made by the Okubo Prize Committee, the Chair of the Okubo Prize Committee should ask the Secretary General of the JAMB and President of the SMB to write a congratulatory letter to the candidate and should prepare the plaque and cash prize. Money to pay for the plaque and cash prize is to come from the Akira Okubo Prize Fund, administered by the Treasurer of the SMB.