Notes from the 2001 Mathematical Models in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Steven Kern, Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

Under the direction of Lee Segel of the Weizmann Institute and Ellen Goldberg, President of the Santa Fe Institute, the 2001 Workshop on Mathematical Models in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the Santa Fe Institute began on 30 July. The workshop kicked off with a week of mathematical review for the mainly experimentalist attendees, followed by a week of topical lectures from experts in the field of mathematical biology. The review, or "Math Camp", as it was referred to by the participants, provided an excellent primer of the fundamental techniques that were used by the faculty presenters who participated in the second week of the workshop. The format of the workshop allowed for interaction among the participants and the faculty, providing a good environment for in depth discussion, exchange of ideas, and the potential for developing future collaborations.

This workshop was sponsored by the National Institutes of Health General Medical Sciences division under an initiatives to study complex biological systems. This is the first of five annual workshops funded at the Santa Fe Institute. Next year's focus will be directed toward theorists who are interested in learning more biological aspects of modeling. Information on this year's workshop can be found at Participants must apply for the workshop in advance so check the Santa Fe Institute's website at the beginning of next year for more information. With the interesting content, tremendous location, and the opportunity to take advantage of the great attributes of Santa Fe (food, hiking, biking, attending the Santa Fe Opera with Lee Segel), this is a workshop not to be missed.