Two Post-Doc Positions Available

IACR-Rothamsted, UK

Transgene induced life-history changes and the ecology of transgenic crops.
(BBSRC funded)

One of the risks of transgenic crops is their invasion and persistence as weedy species in crop fields or as feral populations in more natural habitats. In the project a set of generic ecological models is developed to study population establishment, population growth rate, persistence time and prevalence of the genetically modified plant line. The emphasis will be on stochastic dynamic models. Oilseed rape and sugar beet will serve as example species. The ecological consequences of transgene induced life history changes will be quantified.

This post is available for 3 years. Salary range will normally be between 19,500 - 23,000. Ref: 434.

Stochastic dynamic models and computer modelling.
(Core funded)

Stochastic models are an essential instrument in current frontline research on many aspects of biology, biotechnology and agriculture. The researcher will develop his/her own area of expertise in stochastic dynamic modelling. The developed expertise will be put to work in collaborative projects with departments at IACR.

Computer modelling: The researcher collaborates in multi-disciplinary projects that combine experimental, statistical and dynamic modelling approaches. The researcher will assist in these projects on the computational aspects of the work.

This post is available for 5 years. Salary range will normally be between 15,300 - 17,800 for a recent graduate and between 18,500 -21,400 for a more experienced candidate. Ref: 420

Further information for either of these positions:

Frank van den Bosch
E-mail: Frank.vandenBosch@BBSRC.AC.UK
Tel.: +44 1582 763133 ext. 2372.