Mathematical Models of Viral Infection, ETH Zurich

Postdoc position available

We are currently looking for a postdoc interested to join our theoretical biology group at the ETH in Zurich. We have a growing group of people working on the development of mathematical models of viral infections. Our main interests are the population dynamics of HIV within an infected individual and the evolution of drug resistance in response to therapy. We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with a creative, independent mind and with research experience related to some of the following areas: theoretical biology / evolution / virology / immunology / microbiology. The successful candidate may choose among several research topics, but will be strongly encouraged to develop her/his own research project within the realm of the group's research interests. The earliest starting date would be June 2001. Review of the applications will begin in May 2001, but will continue until a suitable candidate has been identified. The working language of the group is English. More detailed information about our research group can be found on our web page. The applicants should submit a detailed CV including a statement about research experience and interests, and addresses of persons to contact (phone/fax/e-mail) for references.

Prof. Sebastian Bonhoeffer
Experimental Ecology & Theoretical Biology
ETH Zentrum NW
CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 1 6327106 / Fax: +41 1 6321271