Women in Math Issues

by Ramit Mehr

Here are some extracts from the AWM-Net digest that might interest the women (and hopefully men, too!!!) among us. Please contact the AWM (Association of Women in Math, linked from the SMB web page) for more details.

  1. Canadian project on women in science and engineering

  2. Is there bias for or against women in academia? Perdita Stevens is maintaining a webpage with this title. It has several interesting references, but the newest being a study on how differently the same CV was evaluated when it was attached to a male name or a female name.

  3. AWIS site has a new look

  4. Highlighted Web Site: Report from European Commission. This site contains a report from the European Commission on Women and Science. One interesting fact: In 1994-95, only about 26% of students in higher education in math and computer science were women. The outlying countries were Italy and Portugal, where the percentage approached 50%, and Luxembourg and the Netherlands, where it was about 10%. A similar situation exists with the percentage of female professors. Chapter 4, on "Fairness and Funding," describes studies documenting discrimination in postdoctoral appointments and peer review of grants.