ESMTB School
Biology and Mathematics of Cells: Physiology, Kinetics and Evolution

June 11-22, 2001, SigŁenza, Spain

The Second School of the European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology will be held in SigŁenza, Spain, June 11-22, 2001.

The school will feature classical as well as novel aspects of cells, the building-up of material inside a single cell, the migration and aggregation of cells, the cell-cycle mechanism, cell proliferation of normal and abnormal cells, new techniques of exploration of the genome, and evolutionary aspects of cells. The school will take place in the Seminary of SigŁenza, which will also accommodate the participants and the instructors.

The web page provides information on the school, a forum for discussions during the preparation of the school as well as a reserved area for the organizers and the instructors. Access to the draft of lecture notes via the web page will hopefully be available.