A Note About the SMB Digest

Dear Members:

Members of the Society are encouraged to make use of SMBnet and the SMB Digest, which were established in 1992 and have grown steadily in content and subscription. The Digest commenced publication with less than two hundred subscribers and has grown to be distributed semimonthly to over a thousand subscribers. The number of items per issue has increased from less than 5 the first year to about 8 presently, while the number of issues has increased by a third. This growth parallels the increase in activity and vitality in the field.

The purpose stated by Alan Perelson, when he introduced the SMBnet,

"Messages can be distributed to all members of SMB as well as to others who subscribe to the distribution list. I hope that this list will be used to announce new results, the availability of preprints, the availability of positions for graduate students or postdocs, announcements of meetings or the publication of books of potential interest to the community."
is still valid.

We invite you to visit "SMB Digest" under "Publications" at the SMB web page, and to submit not only announcements of positions available and meetings to be held, but queries/requests and other items of interest to SMB members and the mathematical/theoretical biology community as a whole. Send your e-mails to: SMBnet@smb.org.

Address your comments and suggestions to the Editor.

Best regards,

Raymond Mejia, Editor, SMBnet