Organizing an SMB Meeting

by Mark A. Lewis

Ramit asked me to write a short piece on organizing this year's SMB meeting/International Conference on Mathematics in Biology with any useful tips, sources of funding etc.

Funding (in order of amount) came from registration fees, the National Science Foundation, the University of Utah, the Society for Mathematical Biology, and private companies. The NSF was willing to fund science and human development issues associated with the International Conference on Mathematics in Biology. This gave us resources to support many junior investigators.

Next, the tips:

more than you have to. We got U Utah Conference Services to help. U Utah grad students helped out tremendously during the meeting.

David Eyre developed invaluable web2TeX scripts. These convert web page submissions to LaTeX code for the Program Overview, Detailed Program, Abstract listing and Index. If you are interested, send him an email.

The time spent organizing a meeting doubles every 4 weeks.

Overall, it was good to see such a variety of new and interesting science at the meeting, and to have such a great bunch of people attend.