Symposium on Trends in Nonlinear Analysis - TiNA 2000
Theory, Modelling and Computation

October 8 to 12, 2000
Heidelberg, Germany

The understanding of nonlinear phenomena has become a central theme in applied mathematics. The aim of this conference is to discuss the challenges applied nonlinear analysis has to face given the increased diversity of scientific problems, and that they are seen from various points of view.

Distinguished researchers from different fields will give their perspectives on these questions.

The conference will close with a reception to celebrate Willi Jaeger's birthday.

Invited Speakers:
Constantine M. Dafermos, Peter Deuflhard, Odo Diekmann, Gerhard Dziuk, Paul C. Fife, Avner Friedman, Karl-Heinz Hoffmann, Frank C. Hoppensteadt, Gerhard Huisken, Masayasu Mimura, Stefan Mueller, James D. Murray, Jindrich Necas, Vladimir Oliker, George C. Papanicolaou, Nina Nikolaevna Uraltseva, Paul Waltman

Organizing Committee:
Hans Georg Bock, Susanne Kroemker, Rolf Rannacher, Friedrich Tomi, Gabriel Wittum

Names of the Sections:
There will be six sections for contributed lectures.

  1. Patterns and Dynamics
  2. Evolution Equations
  3. Mathematical Biology
  4. Multiscale Problems
  5. Numerical Analysis
  6. Qualitative Properties of Elliptic and Parabolic Equations
Conference Fee:
The registration fee is 100 EURO.

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