2000 Summer Student Position in
Pharmaceuticals Mathematical Biology /Bioinformatics

This 3-month summer student position -- which can begin June, 2000 -- is at SmithKline Beecham (SB) Pharmaceuticals Research & Development in suburban Philadelphia. This site is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical research and development centers. The Mathematical Biology group within Bioinformatics applies mathematics and computation to challenging problems in pharmaceutical research.

The student's efforts will focus on programming and algorithm development for:

  1. the detection of "biologically interesting" gene expression patterns, and
  2. the construction of gene regulatory network models from large-scale experimental data.

The student also may contribute to mathematical analysis and computer simulation of differential equations for complex biochemical and cell physiological pathways involved in osteoporosis. Additionally, there may be programming and applied mathematical explorations using novel ideas in signal processing, wavelets, and in nonlinear dynamics to characterize patterns in biological data. This research will contribute to a variety of established collaborations with SB Pharmaceuticals laboratory groups.

The necessary biological background will be provided to the student who will be working closely with multidisciplinary computation-oriented scientists. Training will be provided in scientific programming and calibration of computational methods, especially in situations when there are considerable uncertainties in the experimental data. It is preferred that the student have experience in numerical analysis, Matlab language, Unix, and C. We are seeking applicants with exceptional strengths in science or engineering as well as in applied mathematics and computation. The educational level of the student would be from advanced undergraduate to Ph.D. candidate. Start and duration of the position is negotiable within a 3-month maximum term.

Contact or email resume to:

Dr. Larry Greller
Assistant Director Mathematical Biology, Bioinformatics
SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals R & D
PO Box 1539, UW2230
King of Prussia, PA 19406-0939
800-877-7074, x5459
610-270-5590 FAX