The Research Training Network (RTN) project

"Using Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation to Improve Cancer Therapy."

The Research Training Network (RTN) project has been successful in obtaining funding from the European Community under its 5th Framework Programme (

The eight partners of the Network cover seven countries:

Beside those already mentioned, many other universities and research centers are involved, e.g. the Universities of Bonn, Witten/Herdecke, Nottingham, Sheffield, Heriot-Watt, Tel Aviv, the Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment of Torino.

The aim of the Research Training Network is to develop the whole modelling process from phenomenological observation to simulation and validation, through the development of mathematical models and their qualitative and quantitative study, in order to simulate the different aspects of tumor dynamics within the full range of scales: sub-cellular, cellular and macroscopic.

The primary objective is to promote training-through-research, especially of young researchers at the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral level. Community funding will cover the temporary appointment of young researchers (less than 35 years old) coming from a country other than that of the team concerned and the organisation of summer schools and workshops.

Developing mathematical models at all the scales mentioned above requires making use of a wide variety of theoretical tools from a range of disciplines (e.g., continuum mechanics, kinetic theory, stochastic processes, system theory, compartmental models, multiphase systems) and developing different mathematical tools to obtain both qualitative and quantitative results. For this reason and for the training objective, usually the applicants are not required to be an expert in a particular field or have an expertise in a particular method. However, the following table can be helpful to identify the type of research that each unit is going to develop.

More information can be obtained contacting the relevant group leader or the addresses below

Modelling Aspects
Modelling scales
Sub-cellular Cellular Macroscopic
Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation Magdeburg
Grenoble, Magdeburg, Oxford, Dundee, Torino, Warsaw Grenoble, Magdeburg, Oxford, Dundee, IMBM, Torino, Warsaw, Madrid
Mathematical Methods and Qualitative Analysis Oxford, Dundee, Torino, Warsaw, Madrid
Experimental aspects and validation Grenoble, Magdeburg, Oxford, IMBM, Dundee