The 3rd International Conference on Mathematical Biology
(First Announcement)
August, 2002
Guilin, China

Organized by The National Mathematical Society of China
Hosted by Guangxi Normal University, Guilin, China

An opportunity for academic exchanges, global cooperation and sharing the latest information

The National Mathematical Society of China has successfully organized the first two international conferences on mathematical biology. The 1st conference was held in Xi’an in 1988 with over 200 domestic and international participants, and the 2nd was held in Hangzhou in 1997 with 129 professors and experts taking part. We are planning to hold The 3RD International Conference on Mathematical Biology in August of 2002 in Guilin, Guangxi Province, P.R. China.

Since the International Congress of Mathematicians 2002(ICM-2002) will be held in Beijing, China. ICMB-2002 in Guilin can be viewed as a satellite conference around the period of the ICM-2002.

Mathematical biology is an emerging interdisciplinary science that is closely tied to life sciences and mathematics. It covers a wide range of fields and attracts a growing attention of many experts and researchers. The 21st century promises a new era of rapid growth of modern life science and biotechnology. The conference to be held at the beginning of the century will provide a unique opportunity for the researchers to present their latest views and achievements in their scientific research areas and obtain cutting edge information of science and technology. The objective of this conference is to promote academic exchanges that will further high-level research in the field of mathematical biology and facilitate the development of modern technology in applications relevant to the world economy, social development and the environmental protection.

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