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Report on World Outreach Committee activities

by Jorge X. Velasco-Hernandez

  1. World Outreach Committee (WOC) report was elaborated and published in the SMB Newsletter (Volume 12 number 2). Thanks to all members.
  2. Requests were sent to members to report on biomathematical activities, researchers and sister Societies. Members are currently gathering information. The profile of the Mexican Math Society as related to BioMath activities was published in the previously mentioned newsletter report.
  3. Two proposals were presented on the use of funds allocated to the WOC (by Tanya and then seconded by Coraci):
    • To restrain from spending the money on meetings of the WOC members or similar activities and try to "invest" in ways that would increase our funds. I suppose the next thing to do is to think of possible activities in this direction.
    • Another possible use of our money is to organize a school in one of the possible geographic areas (Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc) and use this money for bringing one of the well known people in the field to give a course.
  4. Dr. Geoff Alidis from the New Zeland biomathematicians was incorporated as a new member of the WOC.
  5. The first book published in Spanish on Mathematical Biology was reviewed in the Bulletin (in English, with approval of Prof. Lee Segel). This book is a text book that will be very popular in the region because of its quality and because of the limited access to good math textbooks in Spanish.