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Modelling Spatiotemporal Dynamics in Interacting Systems

March 31- April 1, 2000 - Oxford

Organiser: P. K. Maini

Sponsored by the London Mathematical Society

As experimental technology in the life sciences increases, generating more and more data, it is becoming clear that a theoretical framework is required within which these results can be interpreted. This has led to a number of exciting new challenges to mathematics, with the result that the application of mathematics to the life sciences is becoming a rapidly growing area. The aim of this meeting is to promote this area of mathematics. A major challenge concerns how to incorporate the properties and interactions of individual, component elements into a whole population (organ) model. This meeting aims to bring together young people starting in the area and senior, established scientists, to explore this issue. Particular topics to be studied include developmental biology, cardiac physiology, neurobiology, ecology and epidemiology.