Post-Doctoral Research Associateship

Los Alamos National Laboratory

A post-doctoral position is available for theoretical studies of the influenza virus. The position is funded by the Influenza Sequence Database for a two-year duration, provided performance is satisfactory, with the possibility of an extension to a third year.

A number of theoretical studies of the influenza virus are in place at Los Alamos National Laboratory, including: molecular evolution, agent-based epidemiological modeling, design of optimal vaccination schedules, and structural correlates of virulence using homology modeling. Collaborations exist with health science groups within LANL and with the CDC.

The Influenza Sequence Database is located within the expanding Theoretical Biology and Biophysics group (T-10), which currently comprises about 20 Ph.D.'s, as well as numerous graduate research assistants. Staff member interests include cell surface signaling, HIV dynamics, and protein structure prediction. T-10 also houses the HIV Sequence, HIV Immunology, and HPV Sequence Databases. For more information, see

Applicants for this position must comply with requirements of the post-doctoral program at LANL, given at Applicants with skills and education that are adaptable to homology modeling or molecular evolution are particularly sought. Preference will be given to candidates with training in one or more of the following areas: statistics, molecular genetics, biophysics, medical statistics, virology (if accompanied by an area of theory). Candidates must demonstrate an aptitude for problems in molecular biology. All candidates must have computer literacy, preferably under a Unix operating system, or similar.

Remuneration and benefits for post-docs at LANL are generous. Starting salaries are in the range $48K - $52K/year. Los Alamos is located in the mountains (7,200-foot altitude) of Northern New Mexico. Residents enjoy abundant sunshine, easy access to many outdoor pursuits, and a rich mixture of cultures.

For more information on this position, contact:
Dr. Catherine Macken
T-10 MS-K710
Los Alamos, NM 87545