Postdoctoral Positions in Computational Biology/Bioinformatics

There are two immediate openings for postdoctoral researchers in an international collaborative project developing new methods for the deposit and review of information on biochemical reactions. The goals are to develop new methods for handling the declaration and use of semantic information in databases; to develop methods for the sharing of curatorial functions, as well as data and computations, transparently among participating databases; to populate the shared resource with a base data set; and to define and use biochemical ideas to classify, predict, and analyze networks of biochemical reactions. These reactions include, but are not limited to, enzymatic, gene expression, and regulatory reactions.

The ideal candidate for either position will have a Ph.D. or equivalent degree, and training in and experience with a subset of the following fields (preferred subfields of each in parentheses): biochemistry (e.g. enzymology, computational chemistry); mathematics (e.g. graph theory, numerical analysis); computer science (e.g. grammars, syntactic pattern recognition, databases, computer graphics, distributed computing); or engineering (e.g. systems analysis, network theory). Experience in programming in Prolog, C, Perl, or Java script is desirable, but not essential; however the candidate should be familiar with modern computing systems and ready to learn computer science. Candidates will be encouraged to develop expertise in areas with which they are less familiar. The successful candidates will interact with an interdisciplinary group of computational biologists, biochemists, and chemists in North America and Europe.

Please address all inquiries to:
Dr. Toni Kazic
Institute for Biomedical Computing
Box 8036
Washington University
700 South Euclid Ave.
St. Louis MO 63110

314-362-3121 (vox)
314-362-0234 (fax)

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