IMA Workshop Report - Membrane Transport and Renal Physiology

Harold Layton

The third workshop in the Winter Quarter, entitled "Membrane Transport and Renal Physiology," brought together physiologists and applied mathematicians who seek to understand solute and water transport across biological membranes and the role of such transport in integrated renal function.

The topics treated by speakers included

  • ion channel fluxes
  • cotransporter fluxes
  • capillary membrane fluxes
  • renal epithelial transport
  • the urine concentrating mechanism
  • the tubuloglomerular feedback system

The speakers were Bruce Benjamin, Roland Blantz, William Cupples, Paul De Weer, William Deen, Michael Flessner, Donald Hilgemann, Neils Holstein-Rathlou, Rex Jamison, Peter Jordan, Philip Knauf, Harold Layton, David Levitt, Larry Liebovitch, Donald Loo, Raymond Mejia, Leon Moore, Thomas Pallone, E. Bruce Pitman, Jeff Sands, Reginald Tewarson, S. Randall Thomas, Scott Thomson, Sheldon Weinbaum, and Alan Weinstein.

A refereed proceedings volume will be published by Springer-Verlag.

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