Mathematical Biology Newsletter

Volume 12 #1 - January, 1999

The Society for Mathematical Biology

Edited by: Elizabeth H. Scholl

A letter from the President, Leon Glass
Table of Contents

Announcement of the Okubo Prize by Leon Glass

Bulletin of Mathematical Biology Report

New Advertisement Policy

Website News by Ramit Mehr, Raymond Mejia and Elizabeth H. Scholl

Education Committee Report by John Jungck

Finances Committee Report by Raymond Mejia

Application of Ecological Principles to Microbial Physiology A field report by Atul Narang

Mathematics in Biology -- a one-year IMA program (September 1998-June 1999) by Philip Maini

The Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications (IMA) Yearlong Program in Mathematical Biology by Patrick Nelson

Second Meeting Announcement: Theory and Mathematics in Biology and Medicine by the organizing committee

Postdoctoral Position Available: Mathematical Models of Cell Cycle Control in Eukaryotes with John J Tyson

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