Bulletin of Mathematical Biology Report

Because of the importance of institutional subscribers to the Society, members are urged to check their library to see that they have renewed.

The transition to Academic Press as publishers of the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology has gone smoothly. AP representative Anne Guillaume attended the SMB Board meeting in July 1998, and reported the following:

Electronic submission has been implemented, and electronic return of proofs to authors and submission of revisions will soon be available. AP apologizes for the delay in the implementation of individual web access to the BMB. By last August, all subscribers should have been informed as to how to access the Bulletin. In addition, all those that bought e-mail access last year will receive it for free this year.

AP has asked whether SMB members will be interested in including color pages in the BMB. Current prices that authors are charged for color pages are as follows:

These are approximate costs. These can vary depending on where the color pages fall in the issue.
If there is enough interest - that is, a large number of articles submitted which include color figures - we may be able to significantly reduce the price of color pages for authors. Hence, authors who plan to submit such articles are invited to write to Lee Segel, the BMB editor.

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