SMB Advertising Policy

There has been an informal policy with respect to advertising in SMB publications, which is now brought up to date and distributed for your information. Please take these guidelines into account prior to submitting advertisements to the Society.

Flyers announcing new books or scientific products relevant to the SMB may be mailed with the SMB newsletter. This should be paid for by the publisher/ organization supplying the flyers (current cost is $180 - per flyer, to cover postage).

Flyers will not be reprinted within the newsletter, nor will the newsletter provide free advertising space. Brief references to new books, sources, flyers, and web links may be included, possibly as part of a "literary events" column.

The same guidelines will be applied to the website and web-newsletter; i.e., for products that members want to announce, we will supply a link to a publisher or other suitable page. If there is no such page, the member is welcome to create his/her own page, and we will provide the link to it. (This is to preclude our webmaster spending her time editing advertising materials and putting them on the web.)

Members who submit book announcements are encouraged to have the publisher provide a flyer or insert for the newsletter, and a URL for a "literary events" column.

Requests by SMB members for a link to web pages of non-commercial products (such as software) that are not supported by a publisher or other commercial enterprise will be arranged without charge on a case-by-case basis.

References in the SMB Digest to new products (books, software, etc.) will, whenever possible, be limited to a brief description and a web pointer where additional information can be obtained.

Advertisements should be sent to:
Society for Mathematical Biology
P.O. Box 11283
Boulder, CO 80301

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