Results on survey for abstract services

R. Capellini

The following information is a collection of the results from the Society of Mathematical Biology's survey on abstract services.

Total responses received: 5

Responses to questions.

1. Do you currently subscribe, or have you ever subscribed to, an abstract service?

  • No - 4
  • Yes - 1

Which service? CCOD

2. If so:

What is the cost of this service? $1000 / year

How many journals are covered by the service? too many to count

How often do you receive information from these services (e.g. weekly, monthly)? weekly

Are you satisfied with this service? Yes

3. If not, would you be interested in signing up to such a service?

  • Yes - 3
  • No - 0

Other responses:

"Hmmm. I think first I would have to be persuaded that it's worth my time. If someone could do that, then of course I'd be interested! At the moment however, I find it hard enough just to get the BMB read."

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