Mathematical Biology Newsletter

Volume 11 #3 - September, 1998

The Society for Mathematical Biology

Edited by: Elizabeth H. Scholl

A letter from the President, Leon Glass
Table of Contents

  • A Letter from the President-elect
  • A letter of thanks to the SMB Membership upon his election. by Alan Hastings

  • A Report on the SMB Annual Meeting
  • A summary on the SMB Annual Meeting. by Meghan A. Burke

  • A Report of Some Sessions at the Annual Meeting
  • A more detailed listing of selected talks given at the SMB Annual Meeting including a brief summary of selected talks where possible. by Raymond Mejia

  • The First Michigan Interdisciplinary Mathematics Meeting on the Topic Modeling and Analysis in Medicine and Biology
  • A day-by-day report of the happenings at the first MIMM. by James Sneyd

  • Elections Results for the SMB
  • by Denise Kirschner

  • Results on Survey for Abstract Services by R. Capellini

  • Article on NIH Funding
    Several announcements have recently been made by the NIH which are of great interest to the members of the SMB. by Denise Kirschner

  • Special Thematic Summer on Mathematical Biology
    A conference to bring together researchers at various levels of expertise in an environment where focused talks will be given in several different areas of mathematical biology.

  • Web Site Announcement
    A web site of potential interest to people involved in science and technology. by Ronald N. Kostoff

  • The Twin Jim Physiology Wunderbook
    A new book to appear in September with Springer by James Keneer and James Sneyd

  • Upcoming Conferences

  • On Growth and Form: Spatio-Temporal Patterning in Biology
    University of Dundee, Scotland, September 20-24, 1998

  • Destobio 2000
    Purdue University, Indiana, August 2000

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