A new survey: Abstract Services
by Rob Capellini and Ramit Mehr

Below is a form with the questions to the abstract survey. Please fill this out only once, as we want to make sure we have an accurate picture of the use of abstract services by SMB Members. This form was created for your convenience.

You must have your web browser set up to be able to send mail in order to use this form. If it is not set up to handle that, you might want to contact your local system administrator to find out how you can enable mailing through your browser.

NOTE: All information should be entered in plain text.

1. Do you currently subscribed to, or have ever subscribed to, an abstract service?

Yes        No

2. If so:

  1. What is the cost of this service?  
  2. How many journals are covered by the service?   
  3. How often do you recieve information from these services?   
  4. Are you satisfied with this service?  Yes       No

3. If not, would you be interested in signing up to such a service? Yes     No


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