by Denise Kirschner

Every other year our society holds elections for the positions of president-elect of the SMB as well as for the available appointments to the board of directors. Appointments to the board have a three-year tenure. Responsibilities of the board members of SMB include administrative and society duties, serving on committees and assisting in the implementation of ideas to further our society's goals. This year, there are three openings on the board of directors.

The nominating committee for SMB is appointed by the board of directors, and consists of 5 members of the SMB, three serving on the board of directors, and two from outside the board. The committee generated a list of names that was narrowed to 6 nominations for board of directors, and 2 for the president.

The board member nominees are: James Sneyd, Jorge Velasco-Hernandez, Mark Chaplain, Sharon Lubkin, Lisa Satenspiel, and Larry Hunter. The nominees for president-elect are: Herb Hethcote and Alan Hastings. Their photos, profiles, and statements are presented on the ballot that is included in this newsletter. Please fill out your ballot and return it as soon as possible to Torcom Chorbajian.

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