The Canadian Society for Theoretical Biology (CSTB)
Communicated by: William Silvert

The Canadian Society for Theoretical Biology (CSTB) has evolved into a world-wide virtual society and welcomes subscribers from other (mostly real) societies and from the Theoretical Biology community in general. There are no dues, no conferences, and no obligations.

What we do provide is a Web site and a mailing list for open discussions of topics in Theoretical Biology. You can join the mailing list by sending the message subscribe cstb in the body of an e-mail message to (not in the subject line). The Web site is located at: and includes a number of links, including those to our Bulletin.

The CSTB Bulletin, edited by Denis Thieffry, not only carries conference announcements and reports as well as links to other sites, but also offers an opportunity for theoretical biologists to post articles and discussion papers, in the way that we circulate paper reports and preprints. We also are happy to provide links to any sites of interest to theoretical biologists, including personal home pages.

Currently there are about 130 subscribers to the CSTB mailing list, of whom less than a quarter live in Canada. Our Web pages record approximately 2000 "hits" per month, so there is reasonably good exposure.

We welcome participation from our colleagues around the world, and encourage you to subscribe at the address given above. Since there are no fees and no obligations, at most you can lose a few minutes of your time -- nothing at all on an evolutionary time scale!

Richard Gordon, President
William Silvert, Secretary

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