Announcing a major new book series in mathematical biology from Wiley.
Wiley Series in Mathematical and Computational Biology

Editor-in-Chief Simon Levin, Princeton University, USA

Associate Editors
Zvia Agur, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Odo Diekmann, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Leah Edelstein-Keshet, University of British Columbia, Canada
Marcus Feldman, Stanford University, USA
Bryan Grenfell, Cambridge University, UK
Philip Maini, Oxford University, UK
Martin Nowak, Oxford University, UK
Karl Sigmund, University of Vienna, Austria


This series seeks to encourage the advancement of theoretical and quantitative approaches to biology, and to the development of unifying principles of biological organization and function, through the publication of significant monographs, textbooks and synthetic compendia in mathematical and computational biology. The scope of the series will be broad, ranging from molecular structure and processes to the dynamics of ecosystems and the biosphere, but unified through evolutionary and physical principles, and the interplay of processes across scales of biological organization.

The principal criteria for publication beyond the intrinsic quality of the work will be substantive biological content and import, and innovative development or application of mathematical or computational methods. Topics will include but not be limited to cell and molecular biology, functional morphology and physiology, neurobiology and higher function, immunology and epidemiology, and the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of interacting populations. The most successful contributions, however, will not be so easily categorized, crossing boundaries and providing integrative perspectives that unify diverse approaches; the study of infectious diseases, for example, ranges from the molecule to the ecosystem, involving mechanistic investigations at the level of the cell and the immune system, evolutionary perspectives as viewed through sequence analysis and population genetics, and demographic and epidemiological aspects at the level of the ecological community.

The objective of the series is the integration of mathematical and computational methods into biological work; the volumes published hence should be of interest both to fundamental biologists and to computational and mathematical scientists, as well as to the broad spectrum of interdisciplinary researchers that comprise the continuum connecting these diverse disciplines

Researchers, students and professionals in computational and mathematical sciences and fundamental biology, as well as to the broad spectrum of interdisciplinary researchers that comprise the continuum connecting these diverse disciplines.

If you would like to be kept informed about books in the series please send an e-mail to Sam Williams at John Wiley & Sons ( If you would prefer to receive information by post please include your postal address.

For more information, prospective authors should contact the Editor-in-Chief, one of the Associate Editors or the Publishing Editor at Wiley (David Ireland>).

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