Bioinformatics in "Nature"
by: Ramit Mehr

In the 25 September 1997 issue of "Nature" magazine there was a special focus on employment in the field of bioinformatics (pages 417-422 and several pages of classified ads).

The current definition of this field includes the study of genomic sequences, protein structures and their relationship with the sequence on one hand and the function of the protein on the other hand, and issues of database management that arise as a result of the fast accumulation of genomic and molecular data.

A few articles included in this issue may be of interest to SMB members whose research is related to bioinformatics. The first article by Diane Gershon reviews present and future challenges in bioinformatics and the booming job market, both in newly emerging bioinformatics start-ups and in the pharmaceutical industry. Additional articles address computational challenges, internet resources, and a review of the European bioinformatics market.

A quick review of most (but not all) classified ad pages in this issue resulted in a few interesting statistics that I would like to share with you.

First, the number of ads can be broken by the type of job as follows; it is clear that industry jobs are the leaders:

Academic faculty positions 	5 (4 in universities, 1 in a museum)   	
Post doctoral positions		3
Support jobs in academia	1
Independent research centers	2
Companies			32 (some are for multiple positions)

Second, the locations of institutions/companies that published these ads are in:

USA				11
Europe 				9
(In here I have counted the number of locations rather than the number of positions advertised.)

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