Gordon Research Conference on
Theoretical Biology and Biomathematics
June 7 - 12, 1998
Tilton School, Tilton, N. H.
Mark Lewis and John Milton, Chairs

Dear colleague, you are invited to attend the Gordon Research Conference on Theoretical Biology and Biomathematics. This conference is held every two years at a private boarding school in New Hampshire. It provides a forum for presenting and discussing the latest research in theoretical biology. Speakers include a mix of experimentalists and theoreticians. The format is talks in the morning and evening, with afternoons free for discussion and informal interactions. Poster presentations are welcomed. You are invited to submit an abstract for a poster presentation at the Conference.

Sunday Evening, June 7, 1998:  
Modeling Visual Cortex Chair: Jean-Paul Spire, Chicago
Optical Imaging of Visual Cortex Gary Blasdel, Harvard
Mathematical Modeling of the Visual Cortex Jack D. Cowan, Chicago
Monday Morning, June 8, 1998:  
Behavioral & Evolutionary Ecology Chair: Charles Godfray, Imperial College, London
Evolution of Genomic Imprinting Yoh Iwasa, Kyushu
Virus Evolution and Immune Responses Martin Nowak, Oxford
How the Lac Operon got its Smarts Jon Seger, Utah
Monday Evening, June 8, 1998:  
Motor Control Chair: Anne Beuter, UQAM
The Human Iris: Window to Transport in the Eye Harry Wyatt, SUNY
Mathematical Modeling of Muscle Crossbridge Mechanics Edward Pate, Washington State
Tuesday Morning, June 9, 1998:  
Morphogenesis Chair: Hans Othmer, University of Utah
Models for Wound Healing Jonathan Sherratt, Warwick
Limb Development Bob Dillon, Washington State
Nerve Guidance Paul Kulesa, Cal Tech
Tuesday Evening, June 9, 1998:  
Cytoskeleton Structure Chair: Alex Mogilner, Davis
Mechanochemical Models for the Cytoskeleton George Oster, Berkeley
Protein Structure of the Cytoskeleton Gary Odell, University of Washington
Wednesday Morning, June 10, 1998:  
Plant Spatial Competition Chair: Steve Pacala, Princeton
Stochastic Models for Competition Claudia Neuhauser, Minnesota
Disturbance and Plant Diversity in Variable Environments Peter Chesson, Davis
Signaling and Spatial Games in Plant Communities Fred Adler, University of Utah
Wednesday Evening, June 10, 1998:  
Controlling Physiological Systems Chair: Michael C. Mackey, McGill
Controlling the Nonlinear Nervous System Steven Schiff, Washington, DC
Noise-enhanced Sensory Function James Collins, Boston University
Thursday Morning, June 11, 1998:  
Noise-sustained Wave Phenomena Chair: Frank Moss, UMSL
Kainate-induced Ca++ Waves Require Noise for Long Distance Propagation Ann Cornell-Bell, Viatech
Noise Supported Traveling Waves in Subexcitable Media Kenneth Showalter, West Virginia University
Noise-induced Coherence in the Spatio-temporal Domain Peter Jung, University of Ohio
Thursday Evening, June 11, 1998:  
Pattern Recognition: Faces Chair: Fran Wilkinson, McGill
Neural Representations of Face in Temporal Cortex Edmund Rolls, Oxford
Dynamic Model for Human Facial Discrimination Trevor Mundel, Chicago

Registration and conference fee information: http://www.grc.uri.edu/, write to Conference Application, Gordon Research Conferences, University of Rhode Ilsand, P.O. Box 984, West Kingston, RI 02892-0984, phone (401) 783-4011 or email app@grcmail.grc.uri.edu . Registration deadline is mid-April; you are encouraged to apply early. There may be partial support for applicants who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Submission of poster abstracts and information on possible financial support: email mlewis@math.utah.edu with subject heading: Gordon Conference, or write to Mark Lewis, Gordon Conference Cochair, Department of Mathematics, University of Utah, SLC, UT 84112 USA. Please indicate address, including email and phone and fax numbers.

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