It is time again to nominate new officers for the position of president-elect of the SMB as well as three new members for the board of directors.
Finishing out their terms on the board of directors are:
Steve Ellner, Ray Mejia and Robert Miura. Typically, there are two nominees for the President-Elect, and the number of nominees for the Board of Directors is twice the number of positions to be filled. If you would like to see a list of the past presidents of SMB, go to http://malthus.micro.med.umich.edu/~kirschne/prezbig.html

The nominations committee is comprised of five members:
Evans Afenya, Jorge Velasco-Hernandez, Robert Miura and Philip Mainira, and chaired by Denise Kirschner.

Please submit nominations for either board members and/or president- elect positions to: Denise Kirschner at kirschne@umich.edu
Expect to recieve a voting ballot sometime early this spring.

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