The Society for Mathematical Biology publishes a prestigious research journal, an online society newsletter, and a hosts an online forum.

Bulletin of Mathematical Biology

The Bulletin of Mathematical Biology brings significant, enduring research to the scientific community at the interface between the mathematical and biological sciences. The articles can range from biologically motivated investigations in the mathematical sciences, broadly defined, to results that combine concepts and tools from the mathematical sciences with experiment or observation. All contributions, however, must be focused on a substantial advance in biological understanding. The Bulletin publishes a variety of types of articles such as review articles, methods articles, editor’s choice articles, perspectives and unsolved problems as well as articles that discuss ideas, methods, tools, and activities to enhance research and education, both inside and outside the classroom. All articles will be peer reviewed. For more information, visit the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology website.

Society for Mathematical Biology Newsletter

The Society for Mathematical Biology Newsletter is an online publication open to all members of the scientific community. The Newsletter’s editorial content highlights and profiles outstanding scientific contributions from Society members, groundbreaking research and top-performing U.S. and international research institutions. Additionally, it highlights meetings, ethical, budgetary and legislative issues and their impacts on the mathematical biology field. The editor welcomes comments, letters and articles. The editor reserves the right to edit all submissions. For more information, visit the SMB Newsletter website.

Society for Mathematical Biology Community Forums

The Society for Mathematical Biology Community Forums provides opportunities for advertising vacancies, conferences and other relevant opportunities. Users can register for an account to post and receive email digests of relevant content.

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