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    Following on from the recent editorial in the Summer Newsletter, we would like to encourage you all to share your own tips/resources/stories about working from home, in order to help our community! Just reply to this thread.

    My personal story/tip to share: My husband is an Intensive Care doctor and we have three children under 6 years old, so the childcare responsibilities fall to me for the majority of the time. Consequently, I find it hard to work during the day and prefer to work in the early mornings and evenings. When I schedule meetings, I usually offer my colleagues/students two alternatives: to schedule a slot during working hours, which may result in tiny people disrupting our conversation, or else to chat one evening when they are in bed and my full attention can be given. I find giving these options gives me less anxiety in the event that they do opt for a 10 am slot and I have a child on my lap bashing at the keyboard…

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