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    Dear Colleague,

    We are organizing a virtual seminar series on Computational and Mathematical Biology. The topic of this seminar series is very general and includes all subjects of MathBio and Computational Biology. It is currently every other Monday at 11 am EST, and it will start from coming Monday (6/15).

    Seminar link:

    Zoom link:

    First four talks are:

    Jun 15 at 11:00 EST, Stanislav Shvartsman, How to make a large cell

    Jun 29 at 11:00 EST, Helen Byrne, Data-driven mathematical oncology: evolution, revolution or co-evolution?

    Jul 13 at 11:00 EST, Natalia Komarova, Mathematics of Evolution: mutations, selection, and random environments

    Jul 27 at 11:00 EST,  Santiago Schnell, Developing model for the accurate measurement of enzyme kinetic parameters

    Looking forward to seeing you.



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