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    The Cold Place Online Mathematical Biology Seminar will continue over the summer on Mondays from 1-2 PM CDT (2-3 EDT, 11-12 PDT).

    A full list of speakers of this seminar series can be found here:
    Seminars will be announced over an e-mail list serve. Please subscribe or change your subscription status here:

    The information for the talk on Monday, 7/12 is below. Please note that the <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Zoom link will change weekly</span>.

    Timothy Elston, Professor, Department of Pharmacology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Date: Monday, July 12th

    Time: 1-2 CDT, 2-3, EDT, 11-12 PDT

    Title: Inferring Src kinetics from single molecule measurements

    Abstract: We describe a novel approach to generate fluorescent biosensors. The binder/tag method is based on the insertion of a small peptide in the target protein. Readout of conformational change results from the conformation-dependent interaction of this peptide (the ‘tag’) with a separately expressed protein (the ‘binder’). We apply binder/tag to study Src kinetics at the single molecule level. We present computational and mathematical approaches for detecting clusters of Src activity and inferring in vivo activation kinetics from single molecule data. Our analysis reveals Src clusters consist of roughly 200 molecules and have a lifetime of roughly 10 seconds. Analyzing Src conformation during single particle tracking also revealed increased Src density and activity in adhesions, and clusters of Src molecules that contained slowly diffusing regions of activated Src.

    The zoom link for the seminar is:

    Meeting ID: 935 8262 6357
    Passcode: 574102

    The zoom room will open 10 minutes before the talk.

    Please feel free to advertise to others who might be interested in the seminar.

    Wanda Strychalski (Case Western Reserve University)
    Harsh Jain (University of Minnesota, Duluth)
    Chuan Xue (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)

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