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    A Postdoctoral Research Fellow position in Computational Neuroscience is available at the University of Exeter to work on a 3-year BBSRC-funded project, in collaboration with neurobiologists from the University of St Andrews.

    Vertebrate neural circuits can dynamically change their activity to generate an appropriate behaviour in response to a changing environment. This project asks how neural networks can switch between different behaviours. Specifically, you will investigate the dynamic transitions between two rhythmic activity patterns in the spinal circuits of the tadpole, to discover the cellular and network mechanisms driving this transition.

    You will build and simulate biologically realistic models of neural activity from population to conductance-based level as well as probabilistic models of connectivity (Roberts et al., J Neurosci 2014; Borisyuk et al., PLOS One 2014; Ferrario et al., eLife 2018). Familiarity with nonlinear dynamics of neural activity and strong code writing skills (in languages such as C++, Python and MATLAB) are expected.

    You will be supported by experimental collaborators who have determined neuronal and network properties with an exquisite level of detail. Predictions from your simulations will be tested experimentally using an array of electrophysiology and imaging tools. Fundamental neuronal mechanisms are highly conserved across vertebrate species, so your results will provide insight on dynamic circuit reconfiguration in more complex neural networks in mammals.

    The University of Exeter provides a vibrant environment for multidisciplinary studies. This is facilitated by the newly built Living Systems Institute, which promotes collaborations between neuroscientists, mathematicians, and computer scientists. Exeter is a mid-sized city in the South West of England, just a few miles from the beautiful Jurassic coast and wild moor lands.

    For more information about this job and to apply, please follow the link

    Enquiries:   Dr Joel Tabak         
    Prof Roman Borisyuk

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