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    Postdoctoral Position in Computational Developmental Biology

    The Cell and Tissue Dynamics Group at NC State University is seeking to hire a highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellow to work on the biomechanics of organ asymmetrical development. This postdoc will be conducting research in an interdisciplinary team lead by Dr. Julio Belmonte at the Department of Physics and in close collaboration with experimentalists at the NC State Veterinary School.

    The postdoc will construct computational models and perform simulations of developmental processes using the CompuCell3D software. The main project the postdoc is expected to work on is modelling the left-right asymmetric development of the Xenopus Laevis (frog) stomach. It is believed that differences in cell behavior and mechanical properties between the left and right sides of the developing stomach lead to proper formation and function of this organ. This set of behaviors and properties and their relative contributions to stomach curvature, however, are not fully known. Our aim is to test hypotheses of cell behaviors and movements that can lead to stomach curvature and explain the biomechanics behind genetic mutations linked to birth defects.

    The modelling work will be done with the open-source CompuCell3D, which utilizes the Cellular Potts/GGH modelling framework for the design and simulation of multi-scale agent-based models of Virtual Tissues. Model development will be done in parallel with experiments conducted at the Organogenesis Lab in the Department of Molecular Biomedical Sciences for cross validation between in silico predictions, with in vivo measurements and perturbations.

    The postdoc will also have the opportunity to work on related and/or similar projects that utilizes the same modelling techniques.

    Minimum requirements include a PhD degree in Physics/Biology/Mathematics or related field, and computer programming experience in any language (Python, C++, etc). Good communication and writing skills, experience with any agent-based type of models, and previous experience with working with biologists (if from non-biology background) are highly desirable.

    Informal inquires can be made to Dr. Belmonte (

    To apply, please visit the website

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