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    I am looking for two postdoc researchers with an initial appointment of 2 years, which is extendable to November 2025 depending on the performance of the postdoc, based in the State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA. The PI is Naoki Masuda

    and the postdocs will be housed in the Department of Mathematics, which I belong to.
    Each of the following two projects seeks one postdoc.

    (1) Energy landscape analysis. We have been developing and applying this analysis tool for neuroimaging data about eight years
    (some of our publications are:
    ). With this project, we will further deploy (and/or develop; depending on the candidate’s expertise) to various functional MRI data from human participants in particular disease contexts, which we are obtaining from experimental collaborators.

    Interests in the brain and disease, experience in any data analysis (including PhD in a related field such as brain science, medicine, biology, computer science, applied mathematics, physics, information sciences, and EE), and good communication skills are indispensable. However, expertise in fMRI data analysis, statistical physics underlying the energy landscape analysis (undergraduate level or higher statistical physics knowledge), and/or applied mathematics is not mandatory, while it is certainly a plus.

    (2) Resilience and robustness in biological networks, especially, inter-organ networks. In human body, organs are functionally connected. Disfunctioning of an organ may affect other organs in long terms to complicate a disease. This project is part of a big Japanese research program that pursues inter-organ networks and their disease implications (including clinical applications). In this context, the goal of this specific project is to develop mathematical and computational frameworks that enable us to characterize resilience and robustness in networks in which nodes are functionally connected, and information and also disfunctioning flow from one organ node to another organ node. Networks may be multilayer or temporal. This is a theory-oriented project, and at least in the first two years, we are unlikely to analyze inter-organ network data from human bodies. Rather, we will aim to develop theory and mathematical modeling frameworks of resilience and robustness in functional networks.

    Experience in theoretical or computational projects in network science, time series analysis, or related fields (including PhD in a related field such as statistical physics, applied mathematics, computer science, information sciences, EE, and biology) and good communication skills are indispensable. Although biological or medical knowledge is not required, the successful candidate should have general interests in biology and disease.

    (1′) We are also looking for a postdoc based in University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, effectively supervised by Naoki (through weekly meetings) on energy landscape analysis of brain data. The job description is similar to (1). Please see job ad below for this.

    The official job ads (for (1) and (2)) will be out from the University’s job application portal website soon, and the candidates eventually need to apply through that portal. Practically, I am already seeking those postdocs, so if interested, send your CV to Naoki Masuda, I prefer the job start date to be asap (after the official job ad is out), but it is flexible to some extent.
    Any inquiries should be sent to the same email address.

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