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    Program-Specific Researcher in MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES

    The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology (ASHBi) in Kyoto invites applications for a Program-Specific Researcher position in the laboratory of Professor Seirin-Lee (Mathematical Biology and Medicine Group). We seek creative scientists who will lead an ambitious and innovative research program focused on understanding human biology. Applications from interdisciplinary field are particularly welcome. Key questions at ASHBi include:
    –        What key biological traits make us ‘human’?
    –        How mathematical science clarifies the principles defining the species difference and human traits?
    –        How mathematics predicts dynamic living system and disease status?
    Within this mission, the Mathematical Biology and Medicine laboratory of Professor Seirin-Lee (Seirin group) will approach a variety of topics in the life sciences (cell and developmental biology) and clinical medicine with model-driven and data-driven mathematical tools. The successful candidate will join this group to develop into a leading interdisciplinary researcher, conducting high calibre research in interdisciplinary projects within ASHBi. Further, a proportion of time (approximately 60%) will be dedicated to an international collaboration between the Seirin Group and Professors Maini, Gaffney from the University of Oxford, and Drs Krause, Headon from the Universities of Durham and Edinburgh.

    Founded in 2018 as one of the WPI institutes, ASHBi aims to uncover key traits of human beings in development, reproduction, aging and disease as well as evolution. With Mitinori Saitou as Director, 15 PIs and around 100 scientists are engaged in fundamental research. The Institute hosts research in life sciences, mathematical sciences and bioethics in an open and welcoming environment with English as a primary working language. Collaborations among groups are highly encouraged. We offer flexible working hours for the better work-life balance, personal support for relocation, and a supportive environment to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and develop innovative research. Further information can be found at

    Details for application:

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