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    We are recruiting Postdocs and engineers to contribute to research projects in the Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases Unit, at Institut Pasteur in Paris.

    The candidates will work with and develop state-of-the-art statistical and mathematical methodology that may involve Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampling (MCMC), Sequential Monte Carlo sampling or Approximate Bayesian Computation with compartmental, agent-based or metapopulations models of disease transmission calibrated on different types of data. The exact projects the successful applicants will undertake will be determined in discussion with the team, considering the applicants’ interests and experience as well as ongoing collaborations of the team. A few exemplar projects include:

    ·         the development of age-structured compartmental models to study how COVID-19 affected epidemics of childhood infections in France and evaluation of impact in coming years; development of statistical models to forecast epidemic dynamics, considering a diverse set of pathogens;

    ·         the development of statistical methods to calibrate metapopulation models to spatially structured populations and application of these methods to study uniquely detailed historical archives describing the spread of cholera in France in 1892 or data documenting the expansion of mosquitoes species;

    ·         modelling the complex immune landscape of influenza and its impact on influenza epidemic;

    ·         development of data augmentation strategies to study the spread of pathogens in communities such as households.


    Further details available at the following link:

    Postdoctoral and engineering positions in mathematical/statistical modelling of epidemics


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