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    2021 Fall IBS Biomedical Mathematics Colloquium begins. This is a public and online event (zoom link is available at the following website).


    ●  Sep 2th 10am: Alexander Anderson (Moffitt), Exploiting evolution to design better cancer therapies
    ●  Sep 7th 5pm: Helen Byrne (Oxford), Approaches to understanding tumour-immune interactions
    ●  Sep 16th 11am: Aaron A. King (U Michigan), Stochastic processes as scientific instruments: efficient inference based on stochastic dynamical systems

    ●  Oct 7th 11am: Alexander Hoffmann (UCLA), A temporal signaling code to specify immune reponses
    ●  Oct 27th 5pm: Annabelle Ballesta (INSERM & Institut Curie), Systems Pharmacology towards Personalized Chronotherapy

    ●  Nov 4th 11am: Chao Tang (Pecking U), Scaling in development
    ●  Nov 11th 11am: Lisa Fauci (Tulane University), Biofluid dynamics of reproduction

    ●  Nov 18th 11am: Jeremy Gunawardena (Harvard University), Following the energy in cellular information processing

    ●  Nov 25th 5pm: Ruth Baker (Oxford), Quantitative comparisons between models and data to provide new insights in cell and developmental biology

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